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Best Cricket Bats for Leather Ball

Cricket is the sport which is dominated by the batsmen.  In this modern era of the game, the standard of

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Upcoming world cup tournaments

There are some of the upcoming cricket events that we are all waiting for. All the ICC tournaments are very

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Best Cricketers of all time

In India, Cricket is not just a sport but also a religion. They have been following these sports ever since

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2011 World Cup- 28 Years of Sheer Struggle

Way back in 2011, Team India lifted the world cup after 28 years of hard work. Kapil Dev, former captain of Team India had put in lot of efforts to win a World Cup in 1983. At that time, the players were unpredictable and safety gears was not at all like how it is now. They never used to wear covered helmets and it was only half helmets. The bowlers were seaming at 140+ clicks and imagine how the batsman used to face as they never had video analytics like how it is now. Nowadays, the coach would have done all the video analytics of the bowlers and would have suggested the batsman to play accordingly. Coming to the point, World Cup 2011 was an amazing journey as they defeated Sri lanka and had secured a World Cup. If at all you want to get all these replay, you can watch india vs srilanka 2011 world cup final highlights hd on youtube or hotstar.

Gautham Gambhir and Yuvraj Singh’s Role

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Yuvraj Singh was absolutely magnificent with both bowl and bat. Even though he was diagnosed from Lung cancer, he played an amazing innings against Australia in Quarter-Final. He was found coughing blood on the ground in the semi finals but he never gave up. He finished the innings single handedly and once again showed his skills against Pakistan in Semi Finals by taking three crucial wickets of his flighted deliveries.

On the other hand, Gautham Gambhir was an efficient opener at that time. Yet again he hit 97 runs in the finals and that is the main reason behind the victory. Virat Kohli and Gambhir put on a great partnership to take India home.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Captaincy 

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MS Dhoni has captained the side for 10+ years and has been one of the most successful captains of all time. Since, he felt that Kohli should lead the team he gave up his captaincy. Skipper MS Dhoni’s role played an important part in the world cup 2011. Not only by scoring the hitting runs but also while making team selection and by knowing attributes of the players.

He promoted himself to No.2 and yuvraj singh had to wait as Mutthaiya Muralidharan was rolling his wrist over a 22 years, Dhoni felt he could play off spinner better than Yuvraj singh. It was his day and finished things off in style by scoring an unbeaten 92 runs of 72 balls.

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