Well, there are many different varieties of sticks to choose from and it depends upon whether you are playing the sport for the first time or playing for years then it important to look at the field sticks as possible. So, even you need to include what position you are playing, how heavy the stick you can handle, the length that you need and what material the stick is made out of. Also, you need to purchase the stick which can be conformable to you while playing. Below are the best field hockey sticks.

Dragon Nemesis

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This bat is one of the most advanced hockey sticks in the market which is made of 100% carbon and supported by an integrated I-core shaft technology and the stick will offer good power generation. So, superlightweight of the stick means that you will be able to feel the ball far more than its heavier counterparts. Also, this stick will assist with advanced skills and will enable superb maneuverability. The winning combination of the stick will make better for playing with this.

Grays GX6000

If you are an intermediate to elite level player then you might consider using the Grays GX 6000. The stick feature will include some extra help for carding the ball, letting you pick it up and flick it, making the ball more power and aerials will become easier. The stick will difficult to use for beginners to use and has less elasticity than 100% carbon which can be very easier for advanced players to master. Grays GX 6000 is the best field hockey sticks.

TK Total 1.3 Innovate Field Hockey Stick

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The TK Total 1.3 Innovate will give the experienced players a 100% carbon option and an extremely late low. The stick is ideal for an elite player and will include a feature of TK Total 1.3 with the carbon braiding system for maximum strength and responsiveness. So, the stick will help significantly increase the ball control and handling which is designed for those who have gone far beyond mastering the fundamentals of the game.

There are few other filed hockey sticks that have a good feature in it for playing the game. However, the above sticks are the best field hockey sticks that can be good for mastering the game. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about best field hockey sticks. Thanks for reading!

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