Rugby is the hardest sport to be played around the world and there is history that players have injured themselves while playing the game.  The first rugby league world cup began in 1954 in France and has been held at very rarely since the establishment. From there on Australia has won six consecutive world cups between 1975 and 2000 during that period of time. So, till now the ninth tournament has been held and each having different winners. Below is the rugby world cup winners list by year.

2003 Rugby World Cup- England

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During that time England were the favorites to win the tournament after beating New Zealand and Australia at home and away while heading up to the tournament. England the won the world cup because of the top players who were able to give their best in each and every match. England was the only country from northern hemisphere side to win the world cup.

2007 Rugby World Cup- South Africa

In this world cup, previous years winners and runners up faced each other after four years. In the group stage, England beat South Africa who demolished 36-0 and everyone expected to be the one-sided match in the final. But turned out be other way where South Africa defeated England by marginally.

2011 Rugby World Cup- New Zealand

The tournament returned to New Zealand in 2011 and there was pressure on the home side to win a tournament victory. So, New Zealand players gave their best throughout the tournament to win the World Cup by defeating Australia and bring back the cup to their Country.

2015 Rugby World Cup- New Zealand

Again, it was a repeat of the previous year’s final where both teams met each other for the title and New Zealand was the most dominant team in the tournament and able to defeat their rivals Australia once again where they became the first team to win two world cups in a row. New Zealand is the first team in the category when it comes to rugby world cup winners list by year.

2019 Rugby World Cup- South Africa

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This year was an epic comeback from the team were they able to defeat England by margin after being beaten by New Zealand and win back the world cup to their country because of their main players who would take the team to victory.

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